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The Washington Debt Free Story

Washington Debt Free started with a conversation. Two attorneys and former classmates, Erik Halverson and Jordan Gunn, were catching up over their experiences practicing law over a drink. Erik had practiced in both Colorado and Washington, and Jordan had maintained a law firm in Seattle.

The conversation turned to the basic question: “What is the most rewarding experience in the practice of law?”

The answer is simple: Helping people get out of debt.

We understand debt. We understand how debt can become an overwhelming and crushing thing that lingers in the background of our lives, dampening the enjoyment that we seek. Helping good people free themselves from this crushing debt is an incredibly rewarding process for us at Washington Debt Free. We believe in what we do. 

Our next question was: “How do we remove barriers that people face when they need to escape crushing debt?”

The answer became the core values behind Washington Debt Free. We set out to make Washington Debt Free:

1. SIMPLE. Yes, we’re lawyers. But, we also speak your language, not just legalese mumbo jumbo. So what you’ll find with working with us is that we are here to simplify this process and make debt relief simple, intuitive, and rewarding for you too.

2. APPROACHABLE. We decided we would take a hard look at the obstacles people face when considering debt relief. Stuffy law firms, high fees, and a user process that simply is not fit to a person or family who hasn’t been working with attorneys on other matters.

In other words, keep the law firm skills and products, drop the law firm attitude.

3. AFFORDABLE. Cost is a huge concern for clients. Stuffy downtown law firms have high overhead, and have traditionally be able to nab high fees for inefficient services. We have put significant thought into refining our process, knowing that 90% debt relief situations fall into similar patterns. And for those that need additional attention, we’re here for you too. By streamlining our services, we drive our prices down.

And with that, Washington Debt Free became Washington’s best source for professional debt relief services.


Erik Halverson, Founder

Jordan Gunn, Founder

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