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Tax Debt Relief

They say that two things in life are constant – death and taxes. This couldn’t be a truer statement. Compliance with prevailing tax codes can be a complicated process and it is not uncommon to accrue tax liabilities but, unfortunately, the IRS is not sympathetic when it comes to collecting on those back-taxes.

While we at Washington Debt Free haven’t discovered a potion to stop aging (yet), we do have experienced tax attorneys on staff to assist you with overwhelming IRS and State tax debt.

Why is it important to act now?   

The IRS can aggressively collect the tax in various ways, including levying your bank accounts, garnishing your wages, recording a lien on your house, and seizing your property, which can even include the seizure of your home or business.  Given these damaging collection practices, the worst thing you can do when facing a tax debt is to simply ignore the problem.  The IRS will not ignore the problem and, sooner or later, it will take steps to collect the tax you owe.



What is our process? The process is simple.
It starts with a call to Washington Debt Free, today. 

For some clients, old stale taxes can be discharged through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. For those who are not eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, we treat your case as a tax case.

For tax cases, we have options for you. These include the negotiation of payment plans called “installment agreements” that can allow you to pay back your taxes in a manner you can afford, tax appeals and “offers in compromise,” which can reduce the amount you owe to the IRS. We develop your case based on the tax balance owed, your reasonable ability to pay, and other circumstances that our trained and skilled attorneys will explore.

We then aggressively work with the tax administrators to seek a resolution to your tax dilemma. When we are done, you will have a plan implemented that will allow you relief from your tax burden.

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